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Incense Bundle

Incense Bundle

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Incense is popularly used in meditation, yoga, and for aromatherapy purposes. Releasing a fragrant smoke when burned, incense purifies the air creating a calming atmosphere.

10 sticks per bundle


Cedarwood: Earthy, rich, with a slight citrus note, the “OG” incense scent. 

Bloody Patchouli: Our top selling infused palo santo blend is now available in stick form. Infused with liquid dragon's blood and dark patchouli with organic beet juice for color.


Patchouli: Extremely rich, deep, earthy, sweet-herbaceous, and somewhat spicy, with ethereal, floral-sweet and wine-like top notes and a mellow, woody-balsamic body note. Made from patchouli essential oils from Indonesia (Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth, leaves) and infused with patchouli leaves and stems.

Artisan, small batch incense sourced from EpikaEarth:

“We don't "dip" our incense sticks, we infuse them by hand using a proprietary process that takes between 2 to 14 days.   Each blend has its own custom infusion process specific to the ingredients to maximize the aroma.  Even our tools and our methods are focused on extracting the purest form of the aroma that includes infusion barrels made of glass; not plastic and metal that can be toxic.”