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Enjoy your daily rituals the handmade way. Hello Homebody ceramic ware’s have been brought to you in efforts to create lasting happiness and instill human connection in your day to day.


Welcome to Hello Homebody, a small independent shop based out of New York City. Founded by Maker Cameron Busch, a Minnesota native and self-taught ceramist residing in Manhattan. Living in NYC where life is perpetually fast-paced, she appreciates the meditative, slow-going process of ceramics. Each piece has been intentionally crafted by hand from start to finish. Starting with wedging and throwing the clay on the wheel, to trimming and burnishing, to bisque firing once, then glazing for color before firing for a second and final time. You will notice that neutral tones and subtle textures are important aspects in each of her pieces. Her hopes are to bring you one-of-a-kind items that you will cherish for years to come ♡